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Best month ever

Best month ever

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First of all, NaNoWrimo is over, and I just scraped through! Still a long way to go. I finished my story arch last night but there is plenty of fleshing out to do before it will be readable. My new, and very reasonable goal, is to have about 60 to 70,000 or so by Dec 20th before I go home for the holidays.

Still, though... I feel pretty damn good. I never could have done this much in a month without NaNoWriMo. Also, thanks to my friends who supported and/or put up with me through all of this. ^_^

November was of course also the month of the Coldplay concert!

These aren't my shots, but are from the KC concert. This is Lovers in Japan, where the paper butterflies rained down on us. I will never forget the pure elation I felt when they started the first notes of Glass of Water, and I realized I was lucky enough to be at the concert where they played my new favorite song for the first time in the States. And the second encore, where the guys came out into the audience and played two acoustic songs not 20 feet away... amazing...

**swoon** Oh, and Will (the bald drummer) sang Death Will Never Conquer with Chris on the harmonica. So cool.

The other awesome thing about November was my trip to Toronto. It was a chance for me to visit not as a Torontonian, but as someone who simply used to live there. I really needed this trip. Canada is completely out of my system now, so to speak. I've seen where my friends work now, and I think I would handcuff myself to my chair at work to get to stay here in Chambana. That's not to say I don't hope to visit TO every couple of years or so; I'm just not longer desiring to move back there. I have too good of a gig here. And I've gotten too used to the quiet. I'd forgotten how damn noisy the city is.

On Thanksgiving Day, quite appropriately, I went up to the Skypod of the CN Tower, and looking out over the entire city, I thanked it. Not outloud of course; that would be silly. This is looking northeast over downtown:

Thanks, TO!

The skypod is really, REALLY high by the way. Totally worth the extra 5 bucks to go up there. So anyway, I thanked the city for everything... for making me less of a coward and opening my eyes to the world outside of North Dakota. I just spent a lot of time up there thinking about how much I had changed since the last time I'd been up there, in the summer of 2005 before even being accepted into the BMC program. And of course I turned due north and specifically thanked the university for all I had learned there.

So yeah, I thanked the city, then turned to the west and got this in response:


I of course also took the obligatory shot of my feet standing on the glass floor on the observation level. Then on my way out I walked up to the base of the tower and put my hand on it and looked up at it, which gave me a bit of vertigo but was pretty awesome. To stand right next to it like that and think about how tall it really is. (It's really tall...)

So that's it. I'd been looking forward to November for months and months and it did not dissapoint. Am now looking forward to relaxing a bit. : )

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    Some might say it sounds like you had a spiritual experience with Toronto.

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