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Novah's web journal

Banana Injector...

Banana Injector...

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I still maintain that I had the idea first!  : (

"The invention relates to an implement for coring bananas and filling the latter through the cored portion with ice cream and more particularly to a banana extractor and ice cream injector.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of an implement of this character, wherein the barrel or cylinder thereof is formed with a knife tip so that the said barrel or cylinder can be readily inserted within a banana to bore or core the same and thereafter a charge of ice cream introduced within the banana so that the same may be consumed, that is, the ice cream, on the eating of the banana, thus effecting a combination of banana and ice cream in a convenient and attractive form."

  • Hmmm... time traveling Novie?

    Perhaps in another life you were this person and were reincarnated as your current form and don't recall your former life and this device but for a vague memory. ;)
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