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November 3rd, 2008

NaNoWriMo goals


So far so good on my first ever NaNoWriMo!

I have a few solid goals that I'm going to work on over the next 27 days. One of which can be summarized by this article by Philip Pullman on the censorship of the His Dark Materials trilogy (one of my favorite books--considering it as a single book!) and how the attempted censorship of his writing by those who disliked his viewpoints has only increased sales.

I'd consider it a success if ... well the first success would obviously be to get published in the first place, but equally validating would be if the book-burners amongst us hated my book so much that they fought to keep others from picking it up. It would make me feel warm and fuzzy. So, I'm going to do my best to not shy away from my opinions and the issues I want to address.

My second goal is a more technical one. My biggest pet peeve when reading fiction is when the prose isn't derived from the point of view of the character from whose point of view the scene/story is meant to be told. What I mean is, if John is the main character, and John walks into a room where there's a bomb but John doesn't know there's a bomb, and the author writes, "John, not knowing about the bomb, walked into the room." Maybe it's just me, but I cringe every time something like that happens, and I've actually put books down and refused to finish when there are multiple offenses.

My approach is to be completely immersed in the POV character. Everything he or she thinks and notices, and nothing more, is written into the story. This has added an additional challenge, because instead of writing my scenes as if I am watching a movie, I really have to become the character. Another layer of challenge comes from the fact that many of my scenes are from the POV of non-human animals. And this isn't like The Lion King--I'm talking true-to-life animals. The book opens from the point of view of a crow, for instance. (A very black crow, haha...) I'm hoping at some point to work in a scene from the point of view of the secondary character's dog that has dialogue between the main & secondary character... and somehow indicate the point of the discussion that catches the dog's attention--namely when someone uses the word "hunting."

Should be fun!

edit: I used to begin these entries with whatever was under my Jones Soda bottle cap that day.  I just got one that says "Keep expectations reasonable." Maybe it's a sign.

October 26th, 2008

Earflap hat!


Ear-flap hat!  Posted for Richard b'fahsee! (see below)

I think the rest of you should post pictures of yourselves in hats, too!  Let's have a hat party!

HATS!  : D

October 17th, 2008

Bald Drummers

I know I've been writing a lot about music lately, but it's come to my attention that all my favorite bands have bald drummers!  And I want to know why!

Naturally I'll start with Coldplay.

That's Will Champion on the left. He's holding a guitar in this picture, but he's the band's drummer. And he is bald.

Next up, my 2nd favorite band, the ever-inspiring Death Cab for Cutie:

Their drummer Jason McGerr, 3rd from left, seen here peeking coyly over the shoulder of guitarist Chris Walla, is bald. Or at least has very little hair.

Next up, The Verve, who are once again back together after... 2 break ups, I think.

Guess which of these four men is drummer Peter Salisbury! That's right! Third from left... and hiding behind the guitarist in much the same way Jason was...

Hm... finally my new favorite, Radiohead!  Eek... a FIVE-member band? This threw me off for a moment, but...

... I don't think I need to tell you which one is drummer/percussionist Phil Selway.

So why are all the drummers in my favorite bands bald? To stay cool during concerts? Does being more aerodynamic give you better rhythm? I'm certainly not complaining about it. When I see a pattern I just want to know the reason.


Well, huh!  U2 all have hair! At least I assume the Edge has hair under his famous knit cap. Either way, he's not the drummer.

October 12th, 2008

Death Cab for Cutie!

The concert is tonight! I'm ashamed to admit it's the first concert I'll ever have gone to. Ever! : O So, I'm completely hyped. And very much looking forward to seeing if they perform the intro to "I Will Possess Your Heart" in its entirety. I hope so!

Here's the new video for a rather depressing song called "Cath..." off the latest album. Very moving... I think a lot of us have known someone in a similar situation.

October 10th, 2008


My new hobby: Making goofy playlists in iTunes.

Playlist 1:

1 Black Hole Sun
2 Blue Eyes
3 Golden Boy
4 Green Eyes
5 A Lack of Color
6 Orange Crush
7 True Colors
8 Violet Hill
9 White Flag
10 Yellow

(8 different artists... who can name them?)

Playlist 2: 

1 One
2  1.36
3  2+2=5
4  5/4
5  19-2000
8  42
9  405
10  1979

(7 different artists... again, I challenge you to name them!)

I also have a song called "Tonight, Tonight" and another called "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" but no songs called "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" or just "Tonight."

It makes me really happy at the end of the work day to go to close iTunes and get that warning box that someone's listening to my library and if I shut it down they'll get disconnected. I get a warm fuzzy "someone likes my music : >" feeling, and I wonder what they're listening to, and if they think I'm crazy for making weird playlists.

September 5th, 2008


I've had a lot on my mind lately. A lot of incomplete thoughts. So to try to cure my brain, I present them here in list form:

Overused song lyrics that annoy me:
"Singin'" (reason: I already know you're singing!)
Exception: Coldplay - Clocks

"Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!"
Exception: U2 - Vertigo

Anything about "standing in the pouring rain."
Exceptions: NONE

U2 songs in which Bono mentions kneeling

Original Of the Species: "I kneel, 'cause I want you some more"
Vertigo "...how to kneel!  Kneel!  yeah yeah(etc...)"
Mysterious Ways: "If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel"
City of Blinding Lights: "blessings are not just for the ones who kneel"

Coldplay songs in which Chris Martin mentions kneeling


Coldplay songs in which Chris Martin mentions the sun:

Gravity: "and then I looked up at the sky and saw the sun"
Sleeping Sun: "I've got my secrets, you've only got the sleeping sun"
The World Turned Upside Down: "you and me, the land, sun, trees, the sky, the stars, the sea ... and everything under the sun"
Daylight: "to my surprise and my delight, I saw a sunrise, I saw sunlight... ooh, and the sun will shine"
Lovers in Japan: "Dreaming of the Osaka Sun... one day the sun will come out"

Movies in which Tom Hanks has a pee scene:

A League of Their Own (longest pee scene in cinema history)
Forrest Gump (Too many Dr. Peppers at the white house)
Apollo 13 (?) (Pee visible floating through space)
The Green Mile (ow! Prostate problems!)
Cast Away (pee stream visible in the glow of the moonlight)

Movies whose title gives away the ending to the movie:

Free Willy
The Return of the King

Movies that surprisingly have horses in them when you stop to think about it:
Water World
Star Wars: Episode 1
Moulin Rouge

An interesting pattern I've noticed in the latest Coldplay Album, 'Viva La Vida or Death and All His friends'...

1. Life in Technicolor (It's about Life)
2. Cemeteries of London (It's about Death)
3. Lost! (It's about optimism and Life!)
4. 42 ("Those who are Dead are not Dead ")
5. Lovers in Japan (It's about Love and Life!)
6. Yes ("There we were Dying of frustration...")
7. Viva La Vida (means "live the Life")
8. Violet Hill ("bury me in honor, when I'm Dead..."
9. Strawberry Swing (happiest song ever--it's about Life)
10. Death and All His Friends ("I don't want to follow Death and all of his friends")

Whew! I feel better now.  Back to work, I guess!

Oh, the hypocrisy!


August 29th, 2008

Time for another Visualizing Evolution cross-post, since this one isn't so much on the science-side, and also because I have SO much love for this picture:


August 16th, 2008

(no subject)

Okay. Since GS has now called me a both a low-life and a moron, I thought I should share with you all the horrible, horrible things I said to attack poor GS during the roughly minute-and-a-half he spent in CC on his very important search for the missing Capella:

\\\\\[GermanShepherd] <links in from somewhere on the internet Age>/////

[GermanShepherd] hey...has anyone seen capella lately...

[Paradox] heya GS

[Aurelia] I remember GermanShepherd

[vaaht] nope, she hasn't been in

[GermanShepherd] I know she hasn't been here...but has anyone seen here elsewhere

[vaaht] unless she's going under an alternate name as celestria

[vaaht] *like celestria

[Novah] I think I saw her at the grocery store the other day

[GermanShepherd] I'll bet you did

[theclam] Two moonshiners were talking about ways to transport mead out of their home state. The first had a thought about injecting it into some willing victims. Then the second asked, "How would we get the drink out once we're past the state line?"

[Novah] AARGH! I just poked myself in the eye. I'm giving up for the night... BAAGH.

[GermanShepherd] well I'll let you all get back to your little clique...guess i'm the only one concerned about her

/////[GermanShepherd] <links safely back to their home Age>\\\\\


I must say that I am ashamed of myself. Not only was my joke inexcusably bad (even for me) but then I went and poked myself in the eye with a tweezers while trying to remove an ingrown eyelash.  There is just no excuse, and I'd like to officially apologize to everyone I've harmed for both my bad joke and eyeball-poke. I hope this will start what will undoubtedly be a long and difficult healing process. That is all.  : )

edit:  Another apology is in order. I have been informed that this snapshot from CC includes the setup to a joke but not the punchline.  And so, here you go:

[theclam] "we'd need bleed mead" :D

July 27th, 2008


I finally bought myself an easel yesterday, so I took it to Mattis Park a couple hours ago and did a quick landscape:
I can barely remember the last time I used actual paint! It was nice to get away from the Wacom tablet and Photoshop for a change.
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